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Cafe Barako

Cafe Barako

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Craving a touch of mischief wrapped in chocolate? Oodaalolly's Café Barako Bar might just be what you’ve been searching for. It’s not just a treat; it's a wink and a nudge. This is the Barako coffee-inspired delight, where 'Barako' isn't just a coffee - in the languages of the Philippines, it's a word for 'stud'. And trust us, this chocolate bar lives up to its name.

Each bite is like a bold, full-bodied encounter with Chazz Michael Michaels – strong, rugged, and unapologetically masculine. It's a chocolate that doesn't just melt; it saunters onto your palate with the confidence of a lone wolf at a conference of sheep. The aniseed aroma? That's the Barako's mischievous twirl, a scent that's as tantalizing as a raised eyebrow across a crowded room.

Savor the blend of rich chocolate and the robust notes reminiscent of Barako coffee. It's a dance of flavors that's as smooth as that aforementioned Casanova of the ice, leaving a comforting and daringly adventurous taste. Each bite is a playful banter of tastes, a reminder of good times with the woodland fairies, filled with laughter and perhaps a wink or two.

And our ingredients? They're the supporting cast in this flirtatious drama: Beet Sugar, as sweet as a stolen kiss; Organic Philippine Cacao, dark and deep, like a mysterious stranger's eyes; Organic Cocoa Butter, smooth as a well-rehearsed pickup line; Coffee, to keep the night young; and a hint of Anise Oil, the secret whisper in this bold rendezvous.

Consider this your invitation to hitch a ride to Batangas – a bold, masculine adventure, one deliciously daring bite at a time.

Ingredients: Beet Sugar, Organic Philippine Cacao, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Oat Milk Powder, Coffee, Anise Oil.

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