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Mayon Spicy Coconut Milk Chocolate

Mayon Spicy Coconut Milk Chocolate

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Behold the Mayon Spicy Coconut Milk Chocolate, an audacious escapade in a pocket-sized box.

Picture this: you're trekking up the fiery slopes of Mount Mayon, armed only with your taste buds and a daring spirit. Each nibble of this chocolate is like a step on that volcanic trail, where the smooth, suave chocolate and the coy whisper of coconut milk lay down a path as velvety as Marga Jayy live. But wait! Here comes the twist - the siling labuyo, a Philippine pepper with enough bite to make a grown man tip his hat in respect. It's a gentle heat, the kind that sashays rather than stomps across your palate, a warmth that dances like a firefly on a summer's eve — or something similarly poetic that gets the taste across.

This isn't just chocolate — since everything has to be an “experience” now — it's a rendezvous of sweet and spicy, a culinary dare, a nudge to the brave. With each bite, you're not just eating, you’re tasting; you're embarking on a journey, courtesy of the master chocolate makers at Oodaalolly, those mad scientists of the chocolate world. They're not just re-melting chocolate; they're crafting adventures out of actual beans that they’ve actually imported and actually roasted and actually turned into bona find bars of beautiful chocolate.

As for the ingredients - oh, they're as noble as a knight in a vegan fairytale: Beet Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Philippine cacao in its Sunday best, Coconut Milk Powder wearing a lei, and, of course, Siling Labuyo, the hero of our story. So go ahead, take a bite, and let your taste buds set sail on this spicy, coconutty, chocolatey sea.

Ingredients: Beet Sugar (100% Vegan), Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Philippine cacao, Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Siling Labuyo.

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