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Coconut Takipsilim

Coconut Takipsilim

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In the embrace of the Philippine twilight, Coconut Takipsilim unfolds like a story whispered by the wind through the palm leaves. Here, beneath a canopy of stars, dark cocoa and coconut sugar blend in a chocolate that speaks of the soil and the soul of the islands.

Each bite of smooth, deep cocoa gives way to the subtle, sweet caress of earthy coconut sugar, like the last light of day slipping into the velvet night.

It's a moment, a place, a quiet revelry in the dusky magic where the earth meets the sky. This chocolate is our love letter to that moment of takipsilim — the time of day just after the sun sets but before the sky completely darkens.

Ingredients: Organic Philippine Cacao, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter.

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