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About Us

Hernan Lauber

Founder + Chocolate Maker

Strategy and Operations, LEAN Manufacturing, and New Business Development


Growing up, Hernan Lauber was surrounded by chocolate, every single day since his father owned a Swiss chocolate company. Imagine living next door to a chocolate factory—that was his childhood! He ate chocolate at the bus stop, at home, and while helping his dad at the factory.

But when Hernan grew up, he wanted to see what life was like beyond the world of chocolate. So, he moved to Switzerland, a place famous for its delicious chocolate. Talk about a chocolate magnet!

While in Switzerland, Hernan met someone special who became his wife. Together, they lived in Sydney, Australia where they started a beautiful family. After six years in Sydney, they decided to move closer to family so they settled down in the San-Francisco Bay Area.

Inspired by his Filipino roots, his Swiss adventures, and his new home in the USA, Hernan decided to start something really cool: Oodaalolly. It's a place where the tasty flavors of the Philippines meet the world-famous Swiss chocolate-making techniques, all made with pride right here in the USA.

At Oodaalolly, you'll find not just chocolate, but a sweet blend of cultures and the love-filled story of Hernan's chocolate-filled life journey.



At its essence, Oodaalolly is the universal sound of joy, a term born from the unfiltered bliss expressed by a child. This delightful phrase was serendipitously coined by our founder Hernan's young son, Paolo, as he uniquely pronounced "oo-de-lally", a song from his favorite movie. This innocent moment blossomed into a word that transcends languages, representing the euphoria encapsulated in every bite of our chocolate - a beautiful blend of joy from Filipino culture and the richness of Swiss chocolate traditions.

How Do You Say It?

Saying "Oodaalolly" is as personal an experience as savoring our chocolates.

It's a name that invites playfulness and joy, allowing you to express it in a way that resonates with you. We encourage you to embrace your unique rendition, feeling the surge of happiness bubble up within as you utter it aloud.

But . . . just in case you're curious, here's how our talented friends at The Filharmonic pronounce it – give it a try, or better yet, make it your own! 😉


What Can You Expect from Oodaalolly Chocolate?

The finest flavors the world has to offer - an exquisite palette that spans from sweet and salty to fresh and fruity. Each bar is crafted with select, premium ingredients, lovingly curated to create a taste sensation that's not just satisfying but downright addictive. Rest assured, it contains only what you'd be proud to savor yourself, making it the ideal choice for a thoughtful gift or a well-deserved personal treat.

Despite its high-quality craftsmanship and award-winning taste, it won't break the bank, presenting a luxury that's accessible to all. This isn't just chocolate, it's an invitation to experience a world of flavor that's both grand and within reach.

Oodaalolly prides itself on its expanding presence and accessibility. Whether you prefer the convenience of a swift home delivery or enjoy browsing at your local vendor, Oodaalolly is always just a stone's throw away, ready to delight your senses and add a sprinkle of joy to your day.

Get Ready to Experience Oodaalolly

Dive into the world of Oodaalolly Chocolate — a celebration in every box.