Recipe: How to Make Café Con Oodaalolly


We’ve all heard of and you may know how to make Café Con Leche (Coffee With Milk). But how about a cup of Cáfe Con Oodaalolly? It’s a variation on tsokolate, a classic Filipino chocolate drink.

It’s also a very simple (but very tasty) way to enjoy your cup o’ joe. 

Here’s all you need:

  • 0.5 grams oodaalolly (one snap - 1 bar contains 14 snaps)

  • 1 cup of hot coffee (in whatever serving size your normal mug is)

  • cocktail fork - a small fork with two tines, used to pierce/break up the snap and for stirring

    You start with piping hot black coffee, drop in a snap of oodaalolly, and then stir. The pot fork does a great job of breaking up the chocolate without agitating the suspension too much.

Oodaalolly Tablea is best, but oodaalolly 70% Dark, but the 60% Dark Milk would also be an excellent choice. If you want your coffee to be vegan stick with the 70% Dark or our special Tablea, you’ll be happy and it makes a great vegan-friendly alternative to cáfe con leche.

Enjoy this treat once every few days when you have the time to enjoy the experience. Don’t worry about the kind of coffee you use. The rich flavor and smoothness of our chocolate will elevate and refine the taste of just about any cup of coffee. 

In addition to it being great-tasting, minimally processed chocolate has real health benefits. The coffee itself contains many antioxidant flavonoids but you’ll also be getting the added benefit of the additional flavonols in our minimally processed chocolate. The flavanols, such as those found in oodaalolly chocolate, may lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve glucose metabolism and maintain the health of your blood vessels. 

We wouldn’t call it medicine, and you should definitely drink it mainly for the taste, but the flavors that hit your tongue, in addition to possible health benefits?  Win-win!