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Maker's Monthly Subscription Chocolate Bars

Maker's Monthly Subscription Chocolate Bars

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Subscribe To Maker’s Monthly: A Chocolate Adventure Awaits

Oodaalolly invites you to embark on a unique tasting journey with our Maker's Monthly subscription. Crafted in intimate micro-lots, each batch is a testament to our experimental spirit and seasonal inspirations.

Subscription Highlights:

  • Exclusive Tastes: Experience the novelty with our limited edition Makers’ Cache bars. Each bar is a delightful surprise, capturing fleeting flavors of the season or a daring experiment.

  • Perfect Pairing: Alongside your Makers’ Cache bar, you’ll also receive a special bar meticulously chosen to complement the exclusive treat.

  • Hassle-Free Delivery: Mark your calendar for the 16th of every month, when a chocolate duo awaits your palate. And the best part? Shipping is on us.

Join the Makers' Monthly Subscription and indulge in a curated chocolate experience that's both familiar and unexpected, month after month.

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